Services to olive growers and training

Small, artisanal, peasant and territorial.

Here are the directions and choices of our mill summarized in four words. We work with the territory, and we turn to the territory, dedicating time to supporting olive growers, sharing experiences, for an increasingly virtuous and eco-sustainable agricultural environment.

We are available to everyone because we strongly believe in the value of participation, sharing, networking and unity is strength . What we would like to achieve is the creation of a solid community of farmers, based on virtuous and low impact principles, which can apply the best of tradition, but which always behaves with respect towards nature


training courses / information days on techniques and products for eco-sustainable and organic agriculture / purchasing groups / olive monitoring / guided pest control / sustainable agriculture techniques


milling upon reservation / milling with organic certification / oil storage / oil filtration / batching / packaging / real-time oil analysis of acidity, peroxides and polyphenols / preparation of samples for laboratory analysis / support in drafting the personalized label /