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Can 5 l extra virgin olive oil

Can 5 l extra virgin olive oil

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EVO production campaign 2022

Olive: canino 70%, maurino, leccino and frantoio

Harvest period: from 25 October to 15 November, when the olives begin to ripen and turn dark.

Acidity: 0,18%

Organoleptic characteristics: harvesting at the correct ripening time produces a fragrant, bitter and spicy oil without being aggressive. An EVO with a defined but delicate character.



*can be requested in the NON FILTERED variant, it must be specified in the notes when ordering.

Availability: NOVEMBER-AUGUST. The availability of EVO generally lasts until the summer. If the season is particularly poor, it is always reported at the appropriate times.

Packaging: can with pourer cap + cardboard box and paper tape.

Eco tips: the can allows for optimal conservation of the oil but is not reusable. However, it can be recycled, take care to do it correctly.

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