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Valerio Talucci

Coriander honey

Coriander honey

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Arnie in Tuscania

500 gr

A rare honey originates from Coriander, as the plant produces seeds every five or six years, and which has medicinal properties: it is a natural antacid, prevents nausea and constipation, has bactericidal and fungicidal functions, improves circulation and memory. . Coriander honey has the main characteristic in the persistence of sensations. The floral and sweet note is prevalent, but leaves at the end a pleasant citrus scent with shades ranging from orange to bergamot. On the nose the scent has medium intensity, it is warm, aromatic, vegetal and can recall notes close to coconut. On the palate it has a medium sweetness, with a weak acidity.

This honey tends to crystallize immediately.

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