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FUSILLONI ancient grain Senatore Cappelli

FUSILLONI ancient grain Senatore Cappelli

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500 gr.

Fusilloni of ancient grain Senator Cappelli. Low gluten index, high digestibility, slow drying bronze drawing. They keep cooking very well.

The semi-whole durum wheat pasta produced by OraPasta! is a superb quality handcrafted product. The wheat we cultivate is “Senatore Cappelli” certified organically grown.

What makes the product different from industrial productions are:

- the type of wheat with a low gluten index;

- drying.

The "Senatore Cappelli" wheat is an ancient wheat without genetic mutation. It is a grain with unique organoleptic characteristics, rich in mineral salts and poor in gluten that is not very suitable for industrial processing.

The low gluten index guarantees a perfect digestibility and in addition it is also suitable for those with slight gluten intolerances. Modern grains, all genetically modified, contain proteins that are irritating to our organism and hence all the consequent intolerances.

OraPasta! it has a drying time of 24 hours with a temperature of 40 degrees. Pasta dried in this way remains a product "rich", which keeps the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the grain intact, unlike the industrially processed pasta which instead has a drying cycle of 3 or 4 hours with temperatures up to 100 degrees. This processing method produces a “poor” product, a pasta lacking in elements and which does not nourish as it should.

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