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A brief explanation of EVO production , in episodes

oil for english episode 7 >> tasting

episode 7 >> TASTING When tasting olive oil, much of the oil’s characteristics are perceived through the sense of smell. Though most people enjoy olive oil with other foods, the following…

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oil for english episode 6 >> quality factors

episode 6 >> TOP TEN FACTORS IN PRODUCING QUALITY OLIVE OIL What are the top ten factors in making quality olive? 1. The Olive is a Fruit and Should Be Treated…

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oil for english episode 5 >> final separation

episode 5 >> FINAL SEPARATION OF OIL FROM WATER This is the final step. Depending on what equipment was used in the extraction process, this may be unnecessary. When a hydraulic press…

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oil for english episode 4 >> separating

episode 4 >> SEPARATING THE OIL FROM THE VEGETABLE WATER AND SOLIDS The next step is to separate the oil from the water and the paste. This can be done (or was…

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oil for english episode 3 >>malaxing the paste

episode 3 >> MALAXING THE PASTE Most malaxers are made of a horizontal trough with spiral mixing blades, although some have vertical troughs. The vertical ones are generally known to produce a…

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oil for english episode 2 >>grinding the olives into a paste

episode 2 >> GRINDING THE OLIVES INTO A PASTE The two main types of crushers are stone mills and hammermills. There are also metal tooth grinders, although these are much less…

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